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Digital Writing Pad

Digital PAPER writing Pad for online classes compatible with Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx and other platforms.

USB version..10500/- + GST @ 18%.

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Digital Writing Pad - Preview.

Digital Writing Pad - for easy and flawless writing for your digital works.


No. Any normal xerox or photocopying paper can be used.
Yes, you can use your paper scribbling pad, Normal students note book, or any other paper writing book which you use. It will work!
Yes, you can save what you write as a file and then export the same to PDF using the same on screen menu.
You can write upto a maximum of 200 pages at a time and then you must save the file. Each time you finish a page, just click on New page button on the screen
It is a Digital Pen which writes like normal Pen. It has sensors to capture what you write and show the same on screen
If you drop the device or Pen and if it breaks or does not work...You May have to buy a new set from.us. Warranty is for One year under fair usage and Warranty is not covered for physical damages.
Device does not require charging, as it is directly connected to system using the USB cable.
Yes. You need to charge the device pen for One hour, using the same device USB cable. With each charge, you can write upto 20 hours, before recharging.
No. It is Not advisable and also shall Not be convenient to write with attached USB cable. We prefer you to charge and use the device pen.
Presently the device is compatible with Microsoft Windows only. For others like Mac, iOS and Android, different versions are under development and we shall keep posting the developments here.
The device weights less than 1 KG.
Using any browser download the driver using the below link.(click the links)
Depending on your device whether it is USB version or WiFi version. Create a new folder on your system and copy this downloaded file. Extract the files or unzip the files, by selecting the file and clicking the right mouse button.Choose extract here. You will see another folder with setup file and click on the same. Follow the on screen messages and complete the setup.
Initially itself, before connecting the device to the system, click on the iScribe shortcut link created on your desktop. In the Menu, choose configure and select a folder where you want to Store your writing or working files. This folder shall.be displayed below the Configure button itself and this can be changed anytime.
Yes. You can write on anything that gets displayed on screen, during your online classes in zoom, teams, webEx, meet etc. using their Annotations feature. For this, in the iScribe Menu, click on Mode button and change it to Mouse from Pen. You can toggle the same, when you want to write again. For Annotation, please turn the Pad around to horizontal position and keep the USB cable connection area towards your left side. The cursor on the screen shall move when you move the pen, near the paper. Choose your color and start annotation. You can use Mouse or Device pen for annotation.
Yes. You can choose different pen colors from the Menu on screen related to pen colors palette. Choose your color and write. But, the color of Writing on your paper is Black only. But the display shall show whichever color that you have selected.
Yes. You can erase using the erase button on the menu. It shall erase all that you wrote in one stroke.
Yes, draw or write whatever you want, in any language. Pictures, shapes, letters, numbers etc. In your chosen color. You can also switch between colors and give a finishing touch to your drawing.
Yes. You have options to change the pen thickness. Choose Pen size from 1 to 5. Default pen size is 1 and pen size 3 is used more. You may choose your suitable choice.
Yes. You can replay the files that you saved after writing on this device. When you save, disconnect shall be on, in the Menu. Then View and configure buttons shall get enabled automatically. Click on View and the files you have saved shall be displayed on the left side of the menu screen. Click, select and start playing. You have options to change the speed of playing from 1 to 1.5 and 2x speed. You can also use pause, give your explanation and play again.

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