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In this “Frequently Asked Questions” list, You can find answers to most of your Questions. However, you are also free to ask for clarifications on support@entersoft.biz with any of your queries.

We are not able to copy the Product PC DVD from Entersoft and we are not able to use the same on multiple computers ?
Yes. Entersoft Product DVDs are protected from copying and the copies DVDs will not work and displays only Junk characters. One copy can only be used on one computer at the same time. For additional use, on different computers at the same time, please buy more copies of the required products and use. Your contribution shall help us to produce more products, which in turn shall help you also.
We tried copying the content from Entersoft Product DVD to harddisk, but it is not working ?
Entersoft Product DVD, must remain in the computer DVD tray, for playing. Copying to hard disk will not work, as the contents are protected.
The “autorun” on product DVD is very slow and takes nearly 35 to 40 second to get the application running.
Yes. The DVDs are fully loaded with Audio, Video and Text content to ensure a good experience and better learning content at your direct disposal.
The speed at which “autorun” starts, depends on the system configuration and free Main Memory on the system. Initially you will see a screen on the protected content, which will then change to the display on the specific product, which will then land on the main content screen.
After you get the Main content screen, you need to select the Chapter of your choice and proceed with your happy experience.
Even though, I see some available space on the Entersoft Product DVDs, I am unable to copy and store my files on to your DVD. The writing software, shows no space on your DVD.
Yes. You can not write any more content on our Product DVDs, as the sessions are closed. You may see some empty physical space on the DVD, but you can not copy and store any of our files on to these DVDs. You please use, any other empty DVD for this purpose.
The Product DVD displays Junk characters on the screen
Yes. Some of the anti virus packages that your computer may be using, is blocking the application and not allowing it to run. It may be recognising the content on the product DVD as virus.

Please get into the Antivirus application vault. Explore the product DVDs, using the Anti virus application and configure these applications as safe to run or mark them as exceptions.

Entersoft Products are tested to run with several Antivirus applications like

  1. McAfee
  2. K7
  3. Norton Antivirus
  4. Kaspersky
  5. Quick heal

If you encounter problems, in using our products under any of the Antivirus applications (listed or not listed), please send a detailed email on support@entersoft.biz with a screen shot of the problem attached. We shall help you to resolve the conflict on the application, with the help of the concerned application developers both internally and externally

We shall ensure that, you will be able to use the products comfortably
Nothing happens after the Entersoft Product DVD is inserted in the computer drive
You may not have the necessary permissions to use the DVD drive on the particular system. Please login as “Administrator” and try. The DVD should work normal.

Then, create a user with standard rights and you will be able to play the DVD, as a user also.

Please keep your “Administrator” password safe

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