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  • Use Entersoft Product DVDs for learning at your pace and time
  • Always be positive and keep Positive attitude towards others
  • Build confidence in yourself
  • Allocate time for different activities like Study, Games, Computers,  TV, Outdoor    sports etc. and include
    Physical activities
  • Always be punctual and never go late to school or exams. Good time sense shall help in completing your assignments in advance, now and in future too.
  • Eat nutritious food and avoid junk food
  • Understand what you are Learning
  • Concentrated efforts in Learning
  • Revise and Review all Chapters
  • Try to teach your Friends, who are weak in their academics
  • Do refer different Publications for variety of sums, especially in Maths
  • With the help of your Teachers, Conduct experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as per your prescribed syllabus (Experimenting on your own,without supervision is not advisable at your age, as it could be dangerous)
  • Prepare well in advance for your Regular tests and work sheets, which shall give you confidence
  • Discuss problems in understanding your subjects with your Teachers and  Parents and seek their help

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